My Paper on Herodotus | by Jace Wright, the Ignorant Scholar

12345I really liked Herodotus’s history book, it was not in modern textbook form at all.  I don’t know how much was true and how much was myth, but it certainly had a lot of myth in it, but  I did get some sound information from it.  As far as the literary value of it goes, I thought it was a very fun read, and I liked learning how much of our culture came from this book, and the paradigms and wisdom that people had long ago.
Quote 1
12345Definitely my favorite parts of his book are the ideas he wrote, or passed on, like the quote from the ten year old princess to her father, the king, when someone was trying to bribe him to do something against the kings standards, repeatedly, every time raising the bribe, “Father, you must leave this stranger, or he will corrupt you!” I love that quote so much! I love how it shows the wisdom of a child, and how it teaches to manage your willpower by not going into unnecessary temptation.  Another example of a fun idea he had has become a very popular phrase, “He had completely forgotten all about it. It had gone in at the one ear and out of the other.” Did you know that that quote came from Herodotus? I certainly didn’t!

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