Is Compromise a Good Thing?

Compromise has no value, positive or negative, by itself. Compromise only exists in specific situations, and the matter of whether or not it is a good or bad thing lies in the situation.  This question is a parallel to the question, “Is saying, ‘The meeting is at 10:00 PM,’ a good thing?” Clearly, it is a good thing, if the meeting is indeed at 10:00 PM. If the meeting is not at 10:00 PM, then it is not a good thing. The entire value of it lies in the situation.

Likewise, if something good is gained through compromise, like getting part of a good cause done rather than none, and a little bit of necessary evil, then compromise is a good thing.  If the bad cause gains more from the compromise, it is a bad thing. If more bad is gained than good from any decision, (including making a compromise) don’t do it! There is more good than evil in the world, however, so most compromises are good. If more good is gained than bad from the decision, do it. If the net value of human joy goes up from a certain decision, then choose that path, or one that increases the net value of human joy even more. Finding out the result of your actions, then choosing the altruistic choice is the hard part.

Don’t meddle with other people’s affairs if you don’t have enough competence to make a decision. Study God’s laws to see which actions bring more joy.

My final answer is that compromise is not a good thing or a bad thing until the circumstance defines it, but it is a useful concept to have in your arsenal.


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Jace Wright, The Ignorant Scholar

I am ignorant but I keep learning, building and thinking for myself. Ironically, the more I learn, the more I realize just how ignorant I still am... Someday, I won't be ignorant anymore. I am a radical Conservative, Constitutionalist, and Libertarian.

46 thoughts on “Is Compromise a Good Thing?”

  1. “Likewise, if something good is gained through compromise, like getting part of a good cause done rather than none, and a little bit of necessary evil, then compromise is a good thing.”

    Necessary evil? I don’t see what you mean by this. Also, you talk about God’s laws. What is that supposed to mean? How would you feel if an atheist read this? I’m almost certain they would disagree.

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      1. You say you don’t want to convince anyone, yet you write an entire post obviously trying to do just that. Also, you were the one who commented on my post about abortion, when that wasn’t even the main point of my post. I was just trying to say my opinion, like you have said yours.

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      2. Well, like I said, what you say may not be true. It may just be to the best of your ability, which is what you’re trying to do. Also, I’m just pointing out the fact that you disagreed with most of my views, yet you followed me, and you commented your own moral values. I never said that you had to take God out, I just said that it’s not convincing if you use God as your main argument. (I believe in God and I wasn’t convinced.)

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    1. I’m Baptist Christian and I am not convinced. Maybe you should change your argument. Why Christian though? Are you trying to change their religion or values?


    1. Don’t call yourself stupid. I think you have a lot of opinions and posts that normal 14 yr olds don’t even think about. I just commented because I didn’t agree, doesn’t mean that you are wrong! I don’t judge Mormons based on one person, I actually have a few friends that are Mormon.

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      1. I don’t know you, so I didn’t know wether or not you would judge a group of people like that, but I’m glad to know that you don’t. 🙂

        P.S.I am stupid, but I don’t feel bad about it, I just continue to learn as much as I can. I also know that, like all people, I have been blessed with an incredible brain that can do fantastic things.

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      2. No one is ever stupid! Some people may view Albert Einstein as stupid, some view him as smart. Calling yourself stupid is not modest, I suggest you take pride in having an amazing brain. I’m glad you like to learn and educate yourself. My only suggestion is that you look at both sides from a logical stance. You are not stupid, but you are a disgusting pig.

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      3. Well, I disagree. You seem to use religion as your main argument. That’s not logical, that’s belief.


      4. Well that’s your opinion. Everytime you mention God, it counts as a belief. That’s why they call it faith. The Book of Mormon doesn’t count as a fact nor is it logical.


      5. I’m talking about scientific facts. I learned more about the book and the guy just translated a piece of scripture. I’m kind of a hypocrite because I believe in the Bible, but is it God’s word? I don’t really understand.

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      6. You avoided my question, what is the Book of Mormon? Who wrote it? I just want to be educated, but I don’t think I will ever be Mormon.

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      7. How is that fact? I know the Bible isn’t fact, but I believe in it. I can’t really prove it to others though.


      8. I didn’t want to tear it down, I wanted to relate. I trust in the Bible with no proof too. I’m glad that you are a follower of Christ. Plus, you make me seem like an evil person, I wanted to hear other’s experience with the Bible, Book of Mormon, or Quron.

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      9. What proof? It’s not fact that God told me to read it. It’s not fact that it’s God’s word. There is no proof. That’s why I never try to argue using the scripture. I suggest you shouldn’t either. 🙂


  2. I read the post. Read all the comments and found a heated and unfriendly debate. Then I went back to the post and read it again. My conclusion is maybe because I belong to a different society, I am not aware of all the implications of this discussion, otherwise I am surprised at the intensity (and what I see as the unfriendliness) of the debate. Happy New Year to all!

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    1. If you are referring to my comments, I did not mean to be “unfriendly.” This is just how I talk to Jace, and how he talks to me. We like to debate. I was not trying to attack him. We have differing views, but I guess he likes to discuss them on a ton of my posts. I am not sure if I understand your comment, but Happy New Year.

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