Is Secession Constitutional?

This question may seem hard to many because they have been raised being taught, “If there is one thing we learn from the war between the states it is that we need to stay together.” It has been assumed that the Civil War answered the secession question, because some people who wanted to secede  were slaveowners.

The main point that one must remember is that the states are the ones setting the terms for the Federal Government. They are the employers, if you will, of the Federal Government. If you hire someone, even if it isn’t written in the contract, you can fire them. The contract that the colonies made with their federal government (otherwise known as the Constitution) lists the only rights that the Federal Government has, and also listed some very important rights the people have.  The federal government violated that contract, so it could and should be “fired”, or in other words, seceded from.  The only problem is that the federal government has shown what it does when somebody secedes, that is fight a war to keep them from doing so.  I don’t know if secession is worth a war that we would probably lose and be mistreated for.  Maybe we should just try to legislate the Constitution back.

Secession is constitutional.  Constitutional does not always equal right.  Constitutional usually equals right, but there are a few parts I would like to work to amend, after we get the basics down.  The North and the South were fighting for different reasons, and both were bad.  The Civil War was terrible, and fought for terrible reasons.  Although it freed the slaves, if America keeps heading down the track it is, everyone, blacks and whites, will be enslaved.

Are you going to choose to do something about it?


Published by

Jace Wright, The Ignorant Scholar

I am ignorant but I keep learning, building and thinking for myself. Ironically, the more I learn, the more I realize just how ignorant I still am... Someday, I won't be ignorant anymore. I am a radical Conservative, Constitutionalist, and Libertarian.

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