State Education creates Unnecessary Conflict

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The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science publishes on its Facebook page select questions submitted by the public and invites its Facebook community to respond. One recent submission caught my attention in particular, it read:

“Hi, I have two daughters in public school. I had recently got a paper from their school asking if I would like to sign up for a bible study group. The group has children get on a school bus during school hours to attend this. Me and my husband are atheists and we are outraged that a public school would promote such a thing during school hours! We believe school should be for learning, not mindless bible studies! I wonder if this is even legal? I also would like some advice on what to say to their principal about this?”

There was a time when I would have shared this mother’s outrage and her almost instinctive recourse to…

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The kindness of strangers & the unkindness of strange laws

Government can do no kindness.

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Every day on my way to work I walk past a McDonald’s restaurant. Yesterday I saw a member of staff handing a hot drink to a young girl sleeping rough outside. It was a brief but touching moment between two young ladies of greatly differing fortunes. The former with a low but regular income, a sense of social worth, and a roof over her head, the latter with seemingly nothing more than a sleeping bag.

The hot drink was worth only a couple of pounds, but the thought that someone cares about her and that there is hope was probably priceless to that homeless girl, and just maybe warmed her heart as much as that drink warmed her body.

The episode was a reminder that there are hard-working, respectable and kind young folk out there, many of whom serve us in places like McDonald’s. As well as some, too many…

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