Ignorance = Evil and Intelligence = Goodness

12345If you think about the word Ignorance, it means ignoring.  I think that when we are being ignorant, we are ignoring our conscience and what we know to be true in order to be comfortable and feel safe in the present.  This is essentially stealing from our future selves, and often others.  We break our parents hearts (both Earthly and Heavenly), and we also usually hurt others.  In the future, we suffer for it, because of nature.  It is only through the the Grace of Jesus Christ that we can repent for being evil.

12345God defines Intelligence as truth and light, which is the essence of Goodness.  He does not mean worldly wisdom or cunning.  Light is a substance that reflects in all directions helping us decide what is going on around us.  Truth helps you make better decisions and feels good in your soul.  If we pay attention to our conscience, The Spirit, and what we have learned in our lives, we will be kind, loving, leaning, and proactive.  We  will be happy and will help others do the same.  We will never achieve perfection in this life, but it is still achievable eventually.

12345Jace Wright, the Ignorant Scholar